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The quest for the perfect thumbnail

The quest for the perfect thumbnail

Neil Cameron,  

Twivel lets you configure thumbnail sizes across your Apple TV app, this is how we came up with the sizes.


Twivel offers seven different thumbnail presets that can be used across your Apple TV app:

  • Full width 1740 x 360
  • Feature 875 x 480
  • Landscape 500 x 275
  • Portrait 250 x 375
  • Square 250 x 250
  • Small landscape 310 x 175
  • Small portrait 150 x 220

We didn’t come up with these at random, we reviewed some of the best looking apps in the app store and came up with a selection of sizes for all occasions. Here’s our inspiration:

99u by Behance

Big feature thumbnail: 550 x 310
Regular landscape: 310 x 175 screenshot of 99u by Behance

Apple App Store

Full width: 1740 x 360
App logo: 310 x 185 screenshot of Apple App Store

Apple Events

Square: 250 x 250
screenshot of Apple Events

Apple Movie

Small portrait: 150 x 220
screenshot of Apple Movie

Apple Trailers

Big portrait: 250 x 375
screenshot of Apple Trailers

BBC iPlayer

Feature size: 480 x 270
Landscape: 310 x 170 screenshot of BBC iPlayer

Channel 4 News

Feature: 850 x 350
Landscape: 550 x 250 screenshot of Channel 4 News


Landscape: 350 x 200
screenshot of netflix.png


Feature size: 1070 x 600
Landcsape: 550 x 310 screenshot of Techcrunch

screenshot of Techcrunch

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