Twivel is shutting down
It's been a incredible journey but I've decided to wind down Twivel. I'll be sharing more soon.
Twivel now supports iPhone and iPad

Twivel now supports iPhone and iPad

Neil Cameron,  

We're thrilled to announce Twivel customers can now create iPhone and iPad apps with no extra work required.

Twivel started as a way of creating video apps for Apple TV, with no coding required. We’re really excited to now launch the first two of many new platforms that we’ll be supporing.

We’ve been hard at work over summer creating iPhone and iPad apps. This means that Twivel customers can now have their own beautiful iOS apps with no extra work required. The apps have been designed from the ground up to provide the possible experience on both mobile and tablet.

The apps are powered by content in the Twivel platform, no extra work is required to make the iOS apps work.

Our first customers will be launching in the App Store Q4 2016.

Twivel customers can now reach 1 billion more devices with zero extra work.

Being on mobile and tablet devices enables us to add some really valuable new features, which we’ll be rolling out in the near future, e.g.

  • Email address capture
  • Video ratings
  • Social sharing
  • Ecommerce / affiliate links
  • 360 video

If you’re interested in creating iOS and tvOS apps for your organisation with no development project then get in touch with us at:

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