Twivel is shutting down
It's been a incredible journey but I've decided to wind down Twivel. I'll be sharing more soon.
Behind the scenes pt 2: Apple TV

Behind the scenes pt 2: Apple TV

Neil Cameron,  

Twivel let's you easily build gorgeous Apple TV apps in a matter of hours. Here's what they can look like.

The frontpage has a series of shelves managed by the settings on the platform. These can be either a series or a group of categorised episodes. screenshot of Economist Films app

This is a series, you can explore the videos in the series or just play all the episodes: screenshot of a series

This is another series with where the title is part of the background image. This lets you create really compelling screens.: screenshot of a series

This is an episode with a full screen background. Note the extra info box and the related content below. screenshot of a episode

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