Twivel is shutting down
It's been a incredible journey but I've decided to wind down Twivel. I'll be sharing more soon.
Judo TV launches on Twivel, by Twivel

Judo TV launches on Twivel, by Twivel

Neil Cameron,  

Sometimes you're left with no choice but to scratch your own itch. We did just that.

For a brief period of five days during August 2016 there was three hours of Judo everyday on the BBC. It was glorious. It also only happens every four years during the Olympics. The rest of the time most of the world’s 30m judo players and who knows how many fans, have to trawl through the landfill site that is YouTube to find something to watch.

When I started Twivel I imagined a world where you can watch the most recent Judo competition or interview with a contemporary artist as easily as you can watch football highlights or some vacuous reality TV.

With the launch of Judo TV we are one step closer to that world. What’s different with this app is that we launched it ourselves. Sometimes you’ve just got to scratch your own itch. The first issue we had was that we had no content. We very briefly toyed with the idea of attending competitions and filming it ourselves, then we came to our sense and realised the content was already out there, it just need curating. So we set about developing YouTube integraton for iOS and tvOS and few days later we were ready to roll.

Our plan is to add one new video every couple of days and keep users engaged via push notifications and social sharing. Right now we’re not to concerned with monetisation but we love the idea of finding a sponsor that has an authentic connection with Judo and Judo TV viewers.

Looking to the future, if we make a success of Judo TV we may take on more verticals and make TV and video better for whole lot more people.

Judo TV app screenshot

Judo TV app screenshot

Judo TV app screenshot

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