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ikono TV launches on Apple TV with Twivel

ikono TV launches on Apple TV with Twivel

Neil Cameron,  

We're thrilled to announce that ikono TV has launched on Apple TV.

Ikono TV is a Berlin-based media company which produces and broadcasts art in HD 24/7. As they put it:

“Its curated program leads the eye of the viewer through artworks from the most diverse cultures, showcasing contemporary pieces together with classical art.”

Aside from the live stream, ikono TV have also curated a wide selection of videos covering everything from architecture, contemporary dance and traditional fine art. Current series include work from William Kentridge, The Aga Khan Award for Architecture and Advice to the Young by the Louisiana museum.

This is exactly the kind of content and organisation that we want to support and see more of. Here at Twivel we imagine a future where, whatever your interests, you can find high quality video produced by organisations that care about the content.

Check out the app in the App Store.

Here’s what the app looks like:

screenshot of ikono TV app

screenshot of ikono TV app

screenshot of ikono TV app

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