Twivel is shutting down
It's been a incredible journey but I've decided to wind down Twivel. I'll be sharing more soon.
Video-on-demand platform for iPad, Apple TV and iPhone apps | Twivel

Create beautiful video-on-demand apps for TV, tablet and mobile.

Twivel is a white label, video-on-demand platform. Easily create stunning VoD apps for Apple TV, iPad and iPhone. Build your brand, connect with customers and create new revenue streams, without writing any code.

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Do More with your video

Twivel makes it simple to do more with your video.

Connect to customers in new ways.

Engage your audience with in-depth, long form content, delivered with stunning, purpose built apps for TV, tablet and mobile.

Generate new revenue streams.

Unlock the value of your content with sponsorship, pre-rolls or subscriptions.

Extend your brand reach.

Go beyond YouTube clips and "content snacking", become a first class destination for rich, long form video content.

Twivel vs. agency

Lower total cost of ownership
Quicker to market
Lower risk

Beautiful, purpose built apps for Apple TV, iPad and iPhone

Our stunning, customisable apps have been designed to provide the perfect experience for consuming high quality video content, whether that's on the couch in the lounge, in bed on the tablet or on the go with a mobile.

Want more?

We've got support for Android mobile, tablet and TV, Fire TV and more coming in 2017.

No coding required

One simple CMS

Manage your apps' layout, look and feel in our simple content management system. Videos and metadata can be easily curated, edited and updated in the same location.

Rock solid cloud hosting

Your content is securely stored and backed up in the cloud and made available at lighting speed via a global CDN.

Simple video hosting

Seamlessly connect and stream videos from Vimeo or from your own file server such Amazon S3 or Rackspace.

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